Losing Our Religion: Interviews with Spiritual Leaders

[Article reposted from the University Times in TCD]

In Ireland, there is a vast disconnect between the religious beliefs of college-age students and the beliefs of society overall. While census figures from 2011 established that 84.3 per cent of the population identify as Roman Catholic, a significant 20 per cent of college-age students identified as atheists in a poll by the Student Marketing Network, with less than 60 per cent identifying as Catholic. The scandals surrounding the abuse of children and single mothers by the Church throughout the past century have left their mark upon Irish society, and it is hard to see what direction the religious feelings of the Irish will take in the future. Will we forgive the abuses of the Catholic church and return to 1950s levels of belief and adherence? Will we turn to different Christian denominations, turn to other religions completely, or leave religion behind for good? Continue reading